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Waldorf Astoria Hilton

2011-06-29    Weller Pools    Orlando, FL

Weller Pools designed, engineered, and constructed the pools and spas at the first Waldorf Astoria Hotel ever built outside of the historic original in New York City.

If you're in the area, be sure to visit the Waldorf Astoria Hilton, Orlando that features a large family fun pool with a beautiful beach entry. Additionally, there is a formal adult pool, an outdoor spa, and two custom designed and built, fully tiled stainless steel spas in the indoor health club areas.

Weller Pools planned and gave every detail utmost consideration in this stunning aquatic project. Our attention to detail ensured the highest standards and unique ambiance of the Waldorf Astoria brand were maintained.

With every detail, fun and formality complements each other for high-impact at a most prestigious hotel destination.

To view images and details on the Waldorf Astoria Hilton aquatic construction project in Orlando, Florida, click here.

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